Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Get Avoid reinstalling everything after hardware upgrades Problem? Fix it Easily

Common questions: On July 29th, I upgrade my 8.1 installation to windows 10 without too much problem and was properly activated. However, few days ago, I upgraded my computer with a new motherboard, CPU and RAM... I kept everything as is on my hard drive, including my windows installation. All the drivers updated in less than 5 minutes and I was back on track. However, I noticed my windows 10 installation wasn't activated anymore. Tried all the "online" solutions around (waiting, SLUI 3, SLUI 4, etc).

I later read on a MS support page that, when installing or upgrading from 8 to 10, it basically takes a fingerprint of your hardware on their server...

So here's my question. Since I don't want to reinstall everything, can I...

1) unplug my W10 (unactivated) hard drive
2) use another hard drive to install a version of windows 8 on it
3) upgrade it to windows 10 to have my new hardware fingerprints on MS server
4) then revert back to my initial W10 hard drive

Since all it needs is a upgrade from 8 to with the new hardware, I figured this could theoritically work.
Best Answer: Nobody likes to see Avoid reinstalling everything after hardware upgrades issues when they are searching online, especially when people are watching videos or enjoying themselves in using computers. What can I do? Most computer users don't know how to eliminate Avoid reinstalling everything after hardware upgrades issues. Don't panic! Read the instructions below, and find out your most suitable method to troubleshoot Avoid reinstalling everything after hardware upgrades error and speed up your PC.

Highly Recommended: To scan, diagnose and repair your computer, use the Free Download recommended below. This program is designed to diagnose and repair errors that may be causing your computer to malfunction. SmartPCFixer is designed for computer users to enjoy a better digital life. It can detect, remove and block register error, dll error, common Trojan horses with ease. With this software, you can quickly and completely troubleshoot Avoid reinstalling everything after hardware upgrades errors. Follow the steps below and you can clear the Avoid reinstalling everything after hardware upgrades threat from the computer within minutes.

1. Download SmartPCFixer Now. (Free Download Now)


2. Click Quick Scan to Troubleshoot Avoid reinstalling everything after hardware upgrades error at once.

quick scan

3. Click Fix All to remove all computer error and speed up your PC automatically.

Repair Avoid reinstalling everything after hardware upgrades Problems Manually.

How to Perform a System Restore?(Windows 7 or Windows Vista)

In fact, to fix Avoid reinstalling everything after hardware upgrades error, doing a system restore is really smart and effective.

1. Click "Start", Type "System Restore" in the searching box, then choose system restore as the pictures below.

2. Follow the steps in the wizard to choose a restore point and restore your computer.

Related Reference: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/products/features/system-restore
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